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Price: $4800 (Firm)
I'm sorry for the quality of videos. Working to make them better and will have current videos soon. Thanks
Video (trot): http://youtu.be/Ridh-_E1Qwg
New Trot Video: http://youtu.be/itLoJACQNC4
Canter Video: http://youtu.be/LIeWtYcNkSg
New Jump Video: http://youtu.be/U751T_jY-us

Faramir is a dark bay, 16.2 hand, 5 YO gelding. Lots of potential in this guy. Sweet disposition, sound, big movement,  jumping 2'6" easily and ready for a new career. Currently re-training and doing very well. 


Dominicano "Author"


Dominicano "Author" is one of the most handsome chestnuts I have seen. Great conformation, super sweet dispostion and gorgeous movement.  He is 16.2 hands, 7 YO, sound, and re-training beautifully. A great dressage or event horse prospect. We feel he will excel in anything.
Price: SOLD

Irish Conductor


Irish Conductor recently arrived and we are so excited to have him here. Conductor is 16 hands, 5 year old and retired sound from racing in 2014. He looks to have a very promising career.  Re-training and doing very well.
Video: First ride at home:
Dec 31, 2014 trot: http://youtu.be/eSmoP0NFVjY
Dec 31, 2014 canter: http://youtu.be/SLkUcOGptrk
Price: SOLD

Available Horses in Louisiana
Peach Lane is a active breeding farm, not a sporthorse farm and videos are sometimes hard to get.
Pictures of horses are either at the track or coming off track and turned out.
Riding videos will be made when horses arrive at Bar-El. Thank you for understanding.



Esperanza de Vida


Beautiful gray, 3 year old filly. She has been rehabbed from a small track injury and actually is vet ok'd to race again. Owners would rather find her a great home in a second career than chance a career ending/life threatening injury. She has been ultra sounded and vet checked "sound for work".

Price: $1500

Esperanza is a beautiful, 5 year old filly who just retired from her racing career. She is 15.2 hands, sound and ready to start a new career. Currently at Lora Pitre's Peach Lane Farm in Louisiana.

Foaled: May 13, 2010

Yonaguska - Viking Princess

Price: $1500