I've supplied horses to Elaine Carroll of Bar El Farm for years. When she makes a trip to Louisiana to look at prospects, it's an exhausting task as we go from barn to barn getting to appointments I've set up for her. She is very picky and selective. The horse must be sound, free of any blemishes, and sane.  She has a natural gift to look at a horse, see something in his eye, and decide if it will be a nice enough project for her to haul home to Alabama. I have the up-most respect for her professionalism and intuition.  Lora Pitre
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I cannot thank Elaine Carroll and Lora Pitre enough for having the keen eye, the depth of knowledge and the experience to choose a SANE, sound and athletic OTTB, Irish Conductor after his retirement.
Day after day, I am impressed by Irish Conductor's (whom we dubbed Maestro as a nickname) good brain and even temperament. Maestro's beautiful movement and fantastic conformation has made his re-training an easy process.
I had been told many horror stories and had witnessed first-hand all that can go wrong with a poor choice of OTTB. I was quite hesitant at choosing one for my oldest daughter's move-up horse after she had out-grown her QH.
My family met Maestro on a spur of the moment trip to Montgomery after speaking at length with Elaine over the phone. Elaine was very honest and upfront with information about Maestro, so I had an idea of what we were coming to look at. Laura and Maestro seemed to click together. Elaine has the experience to know when a team are going to work together.
Elaine was very gracious in helping the purchasing process from the vetting, to shipping, to the taking home and follow-up.
Three months after bringing our "Baby Brown Horse" home, I fall in love with him again everyday. We are taking the slow route for retraining, with the constraints of work and school, so the show ring is being put off until Fall. I feel confident in the choice of buying our OTTB through Elaine Carroll - her heart is in it 100% and the best interests of the horse are 100%.
Thanks so much! The Spitzers
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I have been so pleased with my new exceptional gelding. I did a lot of searching before I found Bar-El Farm. I found the entire experience delightful. There was never any pressure. Elaine is professional, friendly, patient, and knows horses. Even after my purchase, Elaine has been available to answer my questions and help the transition go smoothly. One of the most important things she told me was she builds long term relationships with her clients. I was sold on her quality of care. I would and will recommend Elaine and Bar-El Farm over and over again. Thank you!  S. Mashburn
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I loved everything about you guys. You were completely honest about everything. All the horses were quality and lovely prospects for any future career. Lastly, you are willing to work with people. I truly enjoyed my experience there and look forward to buying horses from you in the future.  R Rifkin, DVM
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I bought a 4 year old OTTB from Bar-El Farm. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.
Great people and great horses!   Hannah
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My name is Kaitlin Clemmer and I am a freshmen at Auburn University. I have had my off the track thoroughbred “Barrett” for  a little over two years. When I bought him from Bar-El, I was coming off a two year long lease of my Childrens Level Hanoverian. I wanted a “project horse”, so I thought I would try some off the track thoroughbreds. “Barrett” was one of a few horses I tried that day and was not the horse I was intending on going home with before my visit started. I ended up really falling in love with him that day. He had a good brain, a sweet personality, and a willingness to learn and please people. He definitely has and always will be a “peoples horse”. He loves to be around people and has a heart made of gold. I think that is one of the reasons I really liked him so much when I tried him, he has no fear. He is never afraid to do what you ask when you ask. Now that being said, that doesn’t mean training him wasn’t a challenge. Training any young horse is a challenge, but you have to treat ex-race horses a little differently. Two years of hard work has definitely paid off for me and “Barrett”. During the heart of his training, we went to 5 horse shows, he ended up winning 5th place in the Baby Green Hunters with his amazing performances at only a few shows. This past show season, “Barrett” and I came in first place in the Baby Green Hunters and third place in the Modified hunters out of many nice horses. As a pair, we also took home three year end trophies together, including The High-Point Thoroughbred Trophy, the Baby Green Trophy, and the a new trophy given to the horse and adult rider combo with the highest total points at the end of the year. This goes to show you, that ex-race horses are perfectly capable of successful lives at the end of their racing careers. I encourage you to look at Bar-El Farm horses when shopping for a potentional new horse, because in my opinion, no other breed has more heart than a thoroughbred. 
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